Peninsula Sanitation
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Acceptable Materials for Disposal

Class III Materials

Construction & Demolition Debris Concrete
Carpet Bricks
Furniture Lumber, Including Painted Wood
Mattresses Glass
Cardboard & Paper Siding & Trim
Sheet Plastics, Miscellaneous Plastics Tiles
Styrofoam Steel
Mattresses / Box springs Pipe
Roofing Material Wallboard
Landscape Materials Yard Waste

Prohibited Materials

The following Materials are PROHIBITED unless covered by an agreement with Peninsula Sanitation.
Asbestos Containing Waste Harzardous Soil Loads
Biomedical Wastes Asbestos
 Waste Oils, Oil Filters & Containers Liquids of Sludge, Including Paint
 Lead Acid Batteries Gasoline Cans & Tanks
 Drums, Containers containing free liquid Waste Car Tires
Hazardous Waste Freon Aerosol Cans

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